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NASCAR Fans Manage To Get DUI On Horseback: Video

If you heard that two people from Tunnel Hill, Georgia had been nabbed for DUI on a horse, you’d pretty much assume they are NASCAR fans. And you would be correct.

These two geniuses got drunk while watching NASCAR and decided to take their horses for a ride. For some reason, the local…

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Drunk Brewers Fan Performs Striptease While Getting Arrested: Video

A drunk Brewers fan got arrested and hauled off by the police, but not before he performed a strip show for fans in the outfield at Miller Park. He first took off his shirt, then dropped his pants to reveal his boxers. The best part: This happened on Mother’s Day.

That is a…

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Video: Drunk Soccer Fan Falls 20 Feet Off Wall

It can be easy to get tired at a sporting event. A warm day, plus some beer, plus a break in the action, hey, it’s understandable to nod off.

However, it is not recommended to do what this Palmeiras fan did in Brazil: Fall asleep while sitting on top of a 20 foot…

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