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Jockey Suspended After Giving Female Colleague Condom Filled With Urine

condomIf, during any scheme, someone tells you to tuck a urine-filled condom under your arm, you might want to rethink whether or not this is a plan you want to participate in before you continue.

Australian jockey Dale Evans has been suspended for 18 months after conspiring with female jockey Donna Carrigg to help her pass a drug test…

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Daily Rubbish: Eagles Fans Aren’t The Only Cranky Ones

If you want to keep your job, you might not want to call your employer retarded.

Remember the coked-out skier from last week? He claims his urine sample was tainted because he was “sabotaged” on a drunken night out right before the event.

Here are the worst beards in sports. Not included: Amanda Beard.

More TNT birthday goodness: This time it’s Kenny

Lebanese Skier Tests Positive For Cocaine – More White Powder On The White Powder


What is it with skiers and cocaine these days? Just last week we brought you the story of wannabe skiers who brought drugs to cops, hoping to score some free lift tickets. Now, a member of the Lebanese ski team (which apparently exists) has tested positive for coke.

Georges Salameh tested positive for cocaine following the…

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