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The Daily Show: Clash of the Cretins

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With New York and Philadelphia…

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Daily Rubbish: Adios, TO

Terrell Owens is gone from the Dallas Cowboys. Why? Oh right. Now the real question: which team will he ruin next?

You can get paid thousands just for working out? Where do I sign up?

As an ASU grad, nothing makes me happier than this.

There will be one more douchebag on Entourage.

Meet the next Antonio Alfonseca

Video: Conan O’Brien Makes Fun Of Cleatus The Fox Football Robot Again

Earlier this week, Conan O’Brien discussed how much he hates Cleatus, Fox’s football robot.

Not content to do one night of Cleatus action, he was back at it again on Thursday night. It clearly “bugs the hell out of him,” since the…

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Video: Soccer In A Bullring

What do you get when you combine some American douchebags on vacation in Cancun, soccer, and a bull?

This, apparently.

“Oh my God, this is awesome!”

No, bro, it’s just a bunch of idiots with bicycle helmets on, running around in a bullring while being chased by a small cow.…

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Gym Concept Car Lets You Workout While Driving

Looking for a holiday gift for the rich, Type-A, douchebag Patrick Bateman wannabe in your life?

Looking for a holiday gift for the rich, Type-A, douchebag Bruce Wayne wannabe in your life?

Want me to stop referencing Christian Bale characters?

If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then let’s…

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