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Jose Offerman punches umpire (video)

Attack someone on the baseball field once and people might be able to pass it off as a fluke. Do it again, and everyone will peg you as a crazy bastard that should never be allowed near baseball (or other human beings) again.

Jose Offerman, who once charged the mound with a bat after getting hit by a pitch, showed some stellar anger management over the weekend when he…

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Edwin Encarnacion starts off the New Year by getting shot in the face by fireworks

Edwin Encarnacion of the Toronto Blue Jays couldn’t hit an airplane hangar with a semi-truck last season, but he kicked off 2010 by making solid contact. Too bad for him it was his face making contact with fireworks that had been shot off by his brother.

The Encarnacion family was ringing in the New Year in the Dominican Republic, when Edwin’s brother fired a firecracker that veered to the…

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Jose Reyes Will Be Happy To Speak With You In The Language Of Your Choice : Video

Spring Training is a great place for fans to get to know their favorite players. In a relaxed setting with fewer people around, players let their guard down and converse with fans.

Unfortunately for some fans, they can’t handle the fact that some of these players, like Jose Reyes of the…

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