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Ron Artest Vs. Kobe Bryant – Elbows & Table Legs Galore: Video

Earlier we posted about the battle that was the Houston Rockets vs. the Los Angeles Lakers last night, focusing on the Derek Fisher hit on Luis Scola.

Kobe Bryant & Ron Artest also went at it during the game. Kobe threw an elbow at Ron Artest and of course received no punishment…

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Derek Fisher Hits Luis Scola Hard During Lakers-Rockets Game 2: Video

Tonight’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers & Houston Rockets was an intense one. Between Derek Fisher & Luis Scola, then Kobe Bryant & Ron Artest, it was a battle from start to finish.

That said, the NBA is going to have to take a hard look at some of what went on…

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Daily Rubbish: All Aboard The Fail Skis

The Mount Everest of Fail > Mount Rushmore of Sports.

Derek Fisher does not care if you are live. He could also probably do a better job than you, Mr. Goofy Talking Head.

Speaking of new jobs, Jason Giambi might be seen working as a bouncer at a strip club near you.

Apparently you can get herpes from playing beer pong.…

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