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Danica Patrick Hits Crew Member: Video

Danica Patrick is a talented Indycar racer, but she’s also prone to making stupid mistakes that would keep any driver from even obtaining a driver’s license in the first place.

Need evidence? Check out this video from Saturday’s Indycar practice in Iowa…

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Is Versus Trying To Trick People Into Watching IndyCar By Calling It Formula One?

The IndyCar season starts this week down in St. Petersburg, Florida. The races will be shown on Versus this year, and the network is eager to promote the new addition to its sports lineup.

Someone at Versus is a little bit too eager to promote the event though. Versus is running ads on Google Adsense that promote the IndyCar race as a Formula One race. Even NASCAR fans can…

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Daily Rubbish: More A-Rod Questions

Enough with the boring questions, let’s ask A-Rod what we really want to hear some answers to.

Jason Richardson got caught doing 90 in a 35 zone with his kid in the backseat without a child seat. Well, if you’re not going to have your child in a safety seat, you want to get him home as quickly as possible.

Ballroom dancing: Putting the

Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Rejected by Fox Because it Used the Word "Beaver"

Fox has rejected Internet services company Go Daddy’s first choice television commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. The reason? It included the word “beaver.”

The ad featured Go Daddy girls Candice Michelle and Danica Patrick, as well as animated and animatronic beavers emerging from cars. If that wasn’t enough for you…

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Chad Johnson’s Next End Zone Dance to Have Corporate Sponsorship’s latest spokesperson is none other than Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson.

Following in the footsteps of Danica Patrick, Johnson will star in a series of ads for the web services company. The ads will…

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