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Daily Rubbish: The Rollercoaster Ride Of Your Life

If you eat the 2 foot long, 6 pound burrito at the NASCAR Cafe, you get a free rollercoaster ride. By rollercoaster, I assume they mean toilet.

In a candid interview, a former Arena Football player gives his thoughts on the AFL suspending play and what it means for players affected.

There are a few key streakers missing, but otherwise this list of 25

If you are sick of Barbaro, just keep scrolling

So Barbaro has finally been euthanized.

I’ve been one of the few people out there who wasn’t sick of the story. Yes, the story did go on for too long. Were it not for the possibility of a huge financial payoff, Barbaro probably wouldn’t have made it away from Pimlico. The possibility of a huge financial payoff undoubtedly kept Barbaro from…

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