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Tim Tebow Crying: Video

Poor Tim Tebow. Four years of college football, and what will a lot of us remember him for the most? Crying after losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship today.

And stroking an invisible beard too. Not sure what that was about.

Don’t worry though, Tim. CBS and the rest of the…

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Girl Gets Nailed In The Face With Soccer Ball: Video

Coaches tell players to get in front of a shot to block it. That’s exactly what this poor girl did during a soccer game. Unfortunately for her, she blocked it with her face.

As if taking a ball to the face wasn’t bad enough, her block went right back to the attacker, who…

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Matt Bush Gets Arrested, Cries Like A Little Girl: Video

Sometimes the title of a YouTube video is gibberish. Other times the title says it all. This is definitely a case of the latter.

Presenting: “Matt Bush Crying And Shrieking While Being Arrested for DUI.”

Police claim that Bush rammed his car into someone else’s vehicle while he was drunk on June…

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