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Ze Carlos Uses Ze Elbows, Gets Ze Red Card After Just 12 Seconds: Video

It’s rare that the first few seconds of a soccer match get much action, as players are just getting into position and know they still have 90 minutes to go.

Keeping that in mind, it takes a real effort to get yourself red carded just 12 seconds into a match. Ze Carlos of…

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Brazilian Soccer Star Draws Ire Of Opponents By Bouncing Ball Off His Head Like a Seal, $7,500 fine from NFL

Brazilians play soccer with a flair that cannot be matched by mere mortals. It seems though that even they may have their limits when it comes to flamboyance on the soccer field.

19-year-old soccer star Kerlon of Cruzeiro is pushing those limits. On multiple occasions, Kerlon has bounced the ball off his head while running…

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Off the Woodwork: The Best Own Goal Ever

We kick off this edition of Off the Woodwork with a video from a junior league match between Flamengo and Cruziero in Brazil. Watch as one player executes a perfect bicycle kick. Too bad it was right over the keeper into the back of his own net.

As I mentioned in…

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