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Bud Adams flips off the Buffalo Bills: Video

The best thing about being 86-years-old is that you can do whatever you damn well please. Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams not only is old, he’s also rich, which gives him double the excuse to do whatever he wants.

His Titans destroyed the Buffalo Bills 41-17 on Sunday, and he was excited, so…

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Joe Paterno Reminisces About The Good Old Days Of Jewish Basketball: Video

Old people are great.

They can get away with saying whatever they want, even if it might not be considered politically correct by everyone.

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was interviewed on ESPN last night during the NIT semifinal matchup between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Notre Dame Fighting…

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Old Woman Sues Family After Football Lands In Her Yard

Remember when you were a kid, and there was always one house on the street scared you? It was either because it was just weird, or there was a large dog, or there was a crazy lady inside.

An Ohio family will start out 2009 fighting a lawsuit brought on by…

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