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Xfinity, NHL Network team up to bring back the Hartford Whalers (photo)

I was flipping through my Comcast Xfinity Guide Brought To You By TV Guide this morning when I noticed that the NHL Network was showing a game.

After highlighting the listing, this is what was showing:

Hartford vs. St. Louis?

Someone in the world of cable television decided to bring back the Hartford Whalers, if only…

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Daily Rubbish: May 27, 2009

Video of the Day: The Shaq And Ben Stein Comcast Commercial Outtakes [via Awful Announcing]

Today’s Links:

Five Coaches Most Likely To Be Sprewell’d [Zoner Sports]

Presenting NBA Players in the New Harry Potter Movie [Thoughts From The Jockstrap]

Charlotte Runner Sleeps in Porta-Potty…

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Comcast Reporter Lisa Hillary Sees A Rat While On Camera, Starts Screaming: Video

Living in DC, you’d think Comcast Sportsnet reporter Lisa Hillary would be used to seeing rats everywhere. Judging by her reaction to seeing one of the four-legged variety, apparently not.

Hillary was broadcasting from the Verizon Center after a game between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins when a rat ran right past…

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Adult Entertainment Company To Compensate Fans Who Had Porn Interrupted By Super Bowl

Imagine this: you’re watching some porn, and just when things are about to start heating up, some silly football game comes on and all of a sudden you have Larry Fitzgerald on your screen.

Naturally, you might be pissed off. That’s why adult entertainment company Pink Visual is giving…

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Welcome To The Super Bowl! Please Enjoy A Faceful Of Groin!

There were two video highlights that uh, stood out to Super Bowl viewers, and both of them envolved male groins.

During Bruce Springsteen’s halftime show (which rocked, by the way), watch as the surprisingly spry Springsteen slides across the stage just a bit too far, giving viewers a way-too-close up view of his…

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