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Entire Colombian Soccer Team Murdered

los-manicerosTen members of an amateur Colombian soccer team called Los Maniceros (The Peanut Vendors) have been found dead in Venezuela.

The team had been missing since October 11th after traveling to Chururu for a match. On that day, police say 25 armed men stormed the field and “asked the referee for the list of players on the Los Maniceros…

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Never Heckle A Colombian Soccer Player

javier-florezThe next time you heckle an opposing player, or even someone on your favorite team, be thankful that up until this point, no American athlete has responded to someone exercising the 1st Amendment by exercising the 2nd Amendment.

Javier Florez, a member of the Atletico Junior side that had lost a tournament final to Once Caldas, was driving in…

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Colombian Mascot Suspended For Humping: Video

Mascots are typically created to entertain children. That’s why it’s extra entertaining when they do stupid things like get a DUI or in the case of Willie, the mascot for Colombian soccer team Junior Tiburon, maniacally hump the opposing team’s jersey during a match against Cucuta Deportivo.

For some reason, the Junior Tiburon…

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Peruvian Soccer Team Accidentally Leaves Player In Colombia

home-alonePeruvian soccer player Hernan Rengifo is livid with the management of Peru’s national team. He’s got a pretty good reason.

Following Peru’s 1-0 loss in Colombia, the team left Rengifo behind, only realizing that he was still in Medellin when they had arrived back in Lima.

Of all of the places in the world that you’d not want…

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