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Was Bernie Kosar drunk when his interview for “The U” – 30 for 30 was filmed?

Since I actually left the house on a Saturday night, I didn’t see “The U” on ESPN tonight. The latest installment of the network’s “30 for 30″ series covered the Miami Hurricanes. Bernie Kosar’s interview clips were apparently quite interesting.

Twitter is all abuzz about the condition of Bernie Kosar. The…

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Daily Rubbish: May 29, 2009

Video of the Day: Phoenix – Lisztomania 80′s Movie Style

Today’s Links:

Rugby Player Guilty Of Manslaughter After On-Field Hit [Deadspin]

Justin Upton: Superstar [Fangraphs]

TNT Knows Their Quarterbacks! [Sparty & Friends]

10 “Sports” We’re Not Sure Should Be Considered Real Sports […

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ESPN Promotes Violent Road Rage Game In Video About Donte’ Stallworth Killing A Man With His Car: Video

On Saturday morning, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth hit 59-year-old Mario Reyes with his car, killing him. Reyes was on his way home from work as a nighttime crane operator when Stallworth hit him with his Bentley. Stallworth took sobriety & blood tests at the scene, and it remains to be seen whether…

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Cleveland Browns Fan Ticketed By Police For Riding Couch Through Stadium Parking Lot

It sounds like some people in Cleveland haven’t gotten over Tim Couch and are taking it out on anything couch-related that they come across.

Cleveland Browns fan Mike Meredith drives something called the “Go Kouch” to Browns games. The “Go Kouch” is a riding lawn mower with a couch attached. Meredith generally just…

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Cleveland Browns rookie Mike Mason refuses to leave strip club. He’s SHOCKED!

Cleveland Browns rookie receiver Mike Mason was shocked with a stun gun after struggling with two off-duty police officers who were trying to remove him from a strip club at closing time on Sunday.

According to the police, “Mason refused orders to put down his drink and leave, and when the officers tried to take the drink, he “apparently slapped one of the officers’ arms away” and the two…

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