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Phillies fan runs on field, gets tased (video)

Oh, Philadelphia, thank you for never ceasing to supply us with more fans to mock.

This guy ran on to the field during tonight’s game between the Phillies and Cardinals. Normally, security guards just chase people down and tackle them, but apparently the personnel at Citizens Bank Park have instructions to use heavier force.

Instead of tackling the…

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Phillies Fan Catches Foul Ball, Gives It To His Daughter, Girl Throws It Away: Video

Every now and then we get a good “aww” moment in sports, but this one comes from an unlikely source: Philadelphia.

Jayson Werth hit a foul ball into the upper level at Citizens Bank Park. A dad in Phillies gear made a nice play, then took in the applause of his fellow fans…

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Crazy Fan Runs Around The Field At Citizens Bank Park During Phillies/Braves Game: Video

On Friday night, the game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park was interrupted for a few minutes by a guy who ran around on the field.

The kid managed to run for a good long while, approaching Jimmy Rollins and Pedro Feliz to have a chat with them…

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Miss America 2009 Katie Stam Sings The National Anthem Badly At Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day: Video

If your eardrums shatter while listening to this horrible rendition of the National Anthem, Sports Rubbish is in no way responsible.

If your dog starts running around the room howling during this video, Sports Rubbish is in no way responsible.

With those warnings out of the way, we bring you Miss America…

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