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Male Fan Dons Bra To Support Manny Ramirez At Citi Field: Video

This baseball fan in New York came up with a creative way to uh… support? Manny Ramirez as he visited the Mets and Citi Field.

The man shouted “Manny, you’re the man!” at Ramirez while wearing a bra, much to the embarrassment of his family. His wife looks especially shamed as she can’t…

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Mets Fan Gets Hand Stuck In Citi Field Toilet Trying To Retrieve Gold Tooth

woman-gold-teethA New York Mets fan had some flushing problems in Flushing last week.

During the Mets’ 8-7, 12-inning loss to the Atlanta Braves, the unidentified woman somehow lost a gold tooth while sitting on the can. Said gold tooth then fell into the toilet. When the woman tried to retrieve it, the toilet began repeatedly flushing with her hand…

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Mets Fan Becomes First Streaker At Citi Field: Video

Citi Field was christened with its first streaker tonight, and those responsible documented the entire thing.

Unless this guy wears an orange banana hammock every day and always has “Let’s go Mets” painted on his back, this wasn’t a spontaneous streaking, as confirmed by the video intro.

The streaker jumped from the…

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Howard Stern’s Baba Booey’s Terrible First Pitch At Mets Game: Video

This ceremonial first pitch by Gary Dell’Abate aka Baba Booey, the executive producer of the Howard Stern Show, is one of the worst in history.

Baba Booey’s throw was perfectly on target… if he had been aiming at the umpire. The throw was never a threat to be caught by the catcher, and…

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Cat Runs Around On Field During New York Mets Citi Field Opener: Video

New York Mets fans can get their shiny new Citi Field with its fancy food and jumbo Jumbotron, but they’re still stuck with the cats that once inhabited Shea Stadium.

One of the cats…

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