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Gary Neville’s first pitch at White Sox game shows why soccer players don’t use their hands [Video]

Manchester United ambassador Gary Neville visited Chicago on Thursday to promote Man U’s upcoming tour of the United States. Neville threw out the first pitch at U.S. Cellular Field prior to the game between the White Sox and A’s.

And throw it he did, with such gusto that would send Rick Ankiel into a fetal position, shivering.

While Neville did nearly injure several women standing near…

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Daily Rubbish: June 18, 2009

Video of the Day: Move over Keyboard Cat, It’s Keyboard Otter

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Donte Stallworth looks like Omar…also, he’s a complete piece of sh#! [Steady Burn]

Buzz Bissinger Irresponsibly Speculates While Denouncing Irresponsibility in Spreading Speculation [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Paul Konerko Should Probably Stop Talking For…

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Daily Rubbish: June 17, 2009

Video of the Day: Fire David Letterman Rally

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The Dugout: Did You Realize Sammy Sosa Was On Steroids? [Fanhouse]

Top 10 overexposed stadium audio moments [on 205th]

I See Ibañez’s Shirt, And Raise You Longoria’s [Bugs & Cranks]

Terrible tarp monster consumes member of Reds grounds crew [Big League Stew]

The Encyclopedia…

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Cat Runs Around At Wrigley Field During Chicago Cubs Game: Video

Baseball has now had its second cat-related incident of the year.

During the New York Mets’ Citi Field opener, a scared cat ran around behind home plate. Last night, a more mellow cat sauntered around the outfield at Wrigley Field in Chicago as the Cubs took on the Cincinnati Reds.


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ESPN Moves The New York Mets And Cincinnati Reds To Texas: Video

Everyone knows that the New York Mets have moved to a new ballpark this season. The Reds moved to a new ballpark a few years ago. However, neither of the two teams moved to Texas.

ESPN failed geography, and welcomes the New York Mets to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

Perhaps someone…

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