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Chad Johnson AKA OchoCinco Gets Facial Tattoos

Chad Johnson, AKA Chad OchoCinco, AKA Homer J. Fong, has managed to get himself in the spotlight again.

Today, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver got 3 tattoos on his face, just in time for a Media Day. On his left cheek, he now has the state of Florida. His right cheek is now adorned with two crosses.


Pro Skateboarder Apologizes For Preaching Naked On His Rooftop While On Shrooms

jereme-rogersEver do some shrooms, take off all your clothes, climb up on your roof, and start preaching? Yeah, me neither.

Neither have any of the rest of you, most likely, unless you are professional skateboarder Jereme Rogers.

Rogers apologized Wednesday to his neighbors for his naked rooftop preaching antics, saying he “ate some `mushrooms’ and bugged out.”…

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