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Chinese Basketball Fans Riot Because Of Tall Player

midget-basketballOver in China, there’s a league called the Dream Basketball League that imposes a maximum height of 1.88m (6′ 2″) for all players. Presumably, the “Dream” part of the league name refers to the players hopes that they will grow taller.

Of course, any time you have a limit like this, there’s bound to be controversy, and there’s bound…

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Real Headline Of The Day: Shaq’s Balls Spark China Row

This actual headline of the day comes courtesy of Yahoo! Tech:


Ah, Shaq’s balls. A topic that will never cease to be amusing.

Shaq’s balls spark China row [Yahoo! Tech]

Chinese Soccer Match Features Weird Slap Fight: Video

The Chinese Super League has a long way to go to catch up to the top soccer leagues in the world, both in quality of play and quality of fights.

Beijing Guoan and Dalian Shide faced off recently, with tempers flaring between Dalian’s Jonathan Vergara and Beijing’s Yang Hao. With Hao on the…

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Goalie Stops Attack With Kung Fu Kick To The Chest: Video

This is an old video, but it’s probably new to you. In the EAFF Championship last year, Chinese goalkeeper Zong Lei stopped an attack by Japan’s Michihiro Yasuda by attacking him himself.

What’s worse here? The flying kick, or the fact that the referee only deemed it worthy of a yellow card?…

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Chinese Soccer Coach Kicks & Beats Up One Of His Players

coach-kickingA Chinese soccer coach is in hot water after assaulting a player who screwed up and allowed a goal.

The coach of Guangyao, Shen Xiangfu, kicked and swore at Wang Xiaosi during halftime of a match his team lost 3-2 to Hangzhou. So one could say that the coach beat his Wang.

“When I saw him, I became…

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