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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich spent $52,000 on lunch


We all know that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is an insanely rich man. The staff at Nello’s in New York City found out just how rich when he and a few friends visited their restaurant for lunch today. The total tab, including tip: Over $52,000.

In one lunch bill, Roman Abramovich dropped what median American makes in…

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Daily Rubbish: May 8, 2009

Video of the Day: Black and White People Furniture – The Red House

Today’s Links:

Jose Canseco only has to picture one person in underwear [Big League Stew]

The 10 Best Goalie Fights You’ve Ever Seen [InGameNow]

Official UEFA website posts result of Chelsea/ Barcelona game…

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Chelsea’s Didier Drogba Swears At The Camera & Referee After Champions League Loss: Video

Chelsea was dumped from the Champions League in controversial fashion against Barcelona, and nobody was more angry than Didier Drogba. Following the match, an incensed Drogba went after the referees, getting in their faces while yelling at them.

Drogba was given a card by referee Tom Henning Ovrebo and will undoubtedly face more…

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Charity Events Make Ashley Cole Drunk And Angry


There’s nothing like fundraising and promoting awareness for the less fortunate to make someone really appreciate how lucky they are. No, not lucky… what’s the word… ah yes, angry.

Chelsea’s Ashley Cole showed off his anger last night following a charity event in London. The event was held by Chelsea Football Club at The Armani Store in…

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Daily Rubbish: The Not-So Super

Today is Super Bowl Media Day, so lets celebrate with a list of the Top 10 Worst Super Bowl MVPs.

Tiki Barber wishes he could have been on the that list of bad Super Bowl MVPs. Instead, people blue him on the Today Show.

PETA won’t be too happy with Chelsea’s Michael Ballack after he hit a pigeon with a ball during prematch warmups.…

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