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Ballboy tosses ball just beyond reach of Jens Lehmann: Video

Things are not going well for Stuttgart this season, and it has gotten to the point where they’re even getting beaten by ballboys on the field.

Down 1-0 to Hannover, Jens Lehmann hoped to get a quick restart to the match and ran over to the ballboy to get the ball. The cheeky little bastard didn’t cooperate though, and instead tossed the ball just over Lehmann’s fingertips…

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Experts & Not-So-Experts Weigh in on How to Beat Roger Federer

We all know that Roger Federer is practically unbeatable, but that didn’t stop the International Herald Tribune from asking a plethora of random personalities, including athletes, parents of athletes and sports psychologists, just how they would go about defeating Pong.

Here are some of the best ideas:

I think you have to get him emotionally out of balance. And to get him emotionally out of balance…

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