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Dirk Nowitzki’s elbow 5, Carl Landry’s teeth 1: Video

Initially, last night’s collision between Carl Landry and Dirk Nowitzki looked pretty normal, at least until both players immediately signaled for trainers.

Landry had unintentionally gone arm zombie on Dirk, getting a few teeth knocked out in the process, only to have those teeth get embedded in Nowitzki’s arm.

While Nowitzki was…

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Houston Rockets Forward Carl Landry Shot

carl-landryCarl Landry of the Houston Rockets was shot in the leg last night, but fortunately he will be just fine.

Landry was driving with an acquaintance at 2:30am when another car hit his. According to the Houston Police:
Landry was driving his sport utility vehicle with a female passenger southbound in the 2900 block of Leeland when he saw…

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