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Eric Wood gets his leg broken: Video

Warning: The video below is not for the squeamish. Eric Wood, a rookie lineman for the Buffalo Bills, broke his leg. Or more accurately, Montavious Stanley of the Jacksonville Jaguars broke Eric Wood’s leg by accidentally falling on him while Stanley was attempting to tackle Ryan Fitzpatrick.

What a freak injury. Given how…

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Bud Adams flips off the Buffalo Bills: Video

The best thing about being 86-years-old is that you can do whatever you damn well please. Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams not only is old, he’s also rich, which gives him double the excuse to do whatever he wants.

His Titans destroyed the Buffalo Bills 41-17 on Sunday, and he was excited, so…

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Punter Touchdown Adds 12 Seconds Of Excitement To Meaningless NFL Preseason Game Between The Tennessee Titans & Buffalo Bills: Video

Yesterday’s Hall Of Fame Game between the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills featured about as much excitement as any other NFL preseason game, save for this sweet trick play from Titans punter AJ Trapasso.

Trapasso faked a punt, then ran 40 yards for a touchdown. He looked pretty fast while doing so, but…

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Video: Comedian Livens Up O.J. Simpson Press Conference

You’ll see this video at some point tonight, so you might as well see it here. Believe me, I’m just as sick of the whole O.J. thing as you are, but when a comedian acts like he is part of the Juice’s defense team during a nationally televised press conference, it must be shared, no…

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