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Welcome To The Super Bowl! Please Enjoy A Faceful Of Groin!

There were two video highlights that uh, stood out to Super Bowl viewers, and both of them envolved male groins.

During Bruce Springsteen’s halftime show (which rocked, by the way), watch as the surprisingly spry Springsteen slides across the stage just a bit too far, giving viewers a way-too-close up view of his…

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Daily Rubbish: Jeff Reed Does Not Read This Blog

Jeff Reed and some of his Pittsburgh Steelers friends are preparing well for the Super Bowl. Remember my analysis when you place your bets.

Meet Darnell Dockett, AKA The Fart Box. That makes this video even worse.

Could we have our first Super Bowl MVP with dreadlocks? The odds are pretty good.

Ever wondered how difficult it is to be an…

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