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Rugby Referee Gets Knocked Out By Players: Video

NRL referees are not difficult to see, as they wear bright pink. Still, Jamie Simpson of the South Sydney Rabbitohs somehow couldn’t avoid running into ref Tony De Las Heras during a match against the Brisbane Broncos last month.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Broncos player Tonie Carroll then nailed De Las…

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Meet The Newest Excuse For Not Being Able To Control Your Players: The Salary Cap

Listen up, American sports executives. Your Australian rugby counterparts have come up with a new excuse for not being able to control their players: the salary cap.

Blaming the salary cap was the idea of a couple of front offices in the…

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Video: We Will, We Will… Lick You? Rugby Fans Attack Australian Reporter

If you heard that a sports reporter had a fan try to stick their tongue in his or her ear, and then the same reporter got tackled by other fans, you’d probably think that it was just a bunch of drunken guys being over exuberant with Erin Andrews.

In this case, it’s just a…

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