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Putting green bra combines two things men enjoy


The latest in golf technology combines a valuable tool for golf practice, the portable putting green, and an added bonus: a support undergarment for women.

The golf bra can be easily removed any time the wearer wants to practice some topless golf. A 1.5-meter-long felt putting green unfurls, and the cups act as, well, cups…

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Male Fan Dons Bra To Support Manny Ramirez At Citi Field: Video

This baseball fan in New York came up with a creative way to uh… support? Manny Ramirez as he visited the Mets and Citi Field.

The man shouted “Manny, you’re the man!” at Ramirez while wearing a bra, much to the embarrassment of his family. His wife looks especially shamed as she can’t…

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