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Kevin Youkilis Gets Hit By Pitch, Charges At And Gets Taken Down By Rick Porcello: Video

Tonight’s game between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers got ugly early on after Kevin Youkilis took offense to a hit-by-pitch and immediately charged after Rick Porcello on the mound.

Porcello initially backed away from the crazed Youkilis, who threw his batting helmet at the pitcher, but once he realized…

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Boston Red Sox Fan Drinks Beer Through Sock And Shoe

Cold-filtered beer might be popular in some circles, but sock-filtered, not so much. Then again, given the sort of beers that usually advertise themselves as “cold-filtered”, perhaps they would taste better out of a sock and sneaker like this Red Sox fan drank from.

The guy apparently lost a bet, the penalty of…

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Daily Rubbish: July 16, 2009

Video of the Day: Glenn Beck Goes Insane

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A Curb Your Enthusiasm-Esque Show About Fantasy Football Coming To FX… Awesome [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Fox’s Marketing Ploy May Have Been More Evil Than Previously Thought [Deadspin]

Let your voice be heard – We must see Mexico…

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Mark Wahlberg Nails Fan In The Butt With First Pitch: Video

Before you get too far reading this, make sure you skip ahead in the video above to around the 4:37 mark, unless you particularly want to hear Skip Bayless and the rest of the ESPN talking heads.

With that out of the way, Mark Wahlberg threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park…

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Fan Runs On The Field During Game Between The Atlanta Braves & Boston Red Sox: Video

Another series, another fan runs around on the field while the Atlanta Braves are playing. Following incidents earlier this season while the Braves were visiting Philadelphia and New York, it was now time for the team to get to watch a fan run on to their own field against the Boston Red…

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