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Hockey Bloopers

Ice plus athletes attempting athletic things equals more bloopers and people falling down. Throw in some good old knucklepucks and stupidity, and you have yourselves a nice compilation.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow – thanks for stopping by these past few days…

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Soccer Bloopers: The Worst Misses Of All-Time

For all of the amazing footwork we see in soccer, sometimes we can’t help but sit there astonished as some poor guy puts an easy shot wide, high, or off the post. These bloopers are some of the worst missed shots you will ever see. Some can be blamed on mud, or a poor…

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Gymnastics Bloopers

Our next blooper video comes from a sport where the competitors fall quite frequently: gymnastics. Gymnasts put themselves through a lot. I don’t know how they do it, since I fall over just standing up. Those who can’t do a particular sport laugh at others who fall down sometimes when they do…

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Baseball Bloopers

Our vacation programming begins with some bloopers from around Major League Baseball. Please enjoy these players dropping balls, getting hit in the groin, and falling over. And because Jose Canseco was sadly not included in this compilation, here you go.