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Daily Rubbish: May 19, 2009

Video of the Day: 100 Seinfeld Quotes [via Homework 4 Dummies]

Today’s Links:

Separated At Birth: NBA Playoffs Vol. 2 [Fansided]

Grant takes charge of Parkinson’s battle [ESPN]

Ten sports stars and their bizarre pre-game rituals [New Scientist]

Original Pranksters […

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Daily Rubbish: May 7, 2009

Video of the Day: Schadenfreude – Avenue Q

Today’s Links:

Please Continue to Have Unprotected Sex With Robbie Alomar [Walkoff Walk]

What’s in a Name? Ask a Sports Blogger [You Been Blinded]

Sportscasting Star Trek With The Next Generation [Fansided]

The Case Of…

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Vote For Sports Rubbish In The ‘Best Sports Blog Name’ Tournament

With all of the college basketball tournaments getting started this week, Zoner Sports is getting in on the action by running a tournament of their own. While not as prestigious as the NCAA tournament, their “Best Sports Blog Name” tournament is more prestigious than the CBI or CIT tournaments.

Sports Rubbish has been slotted in as a…

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Welcome To The New!


Sports Rubbish now has a new home!

Unlike Terrell Owens, we know where we will be next year – right here on our very own domain.

The new site looks a lot better and has improved commenting. The new site has a lot of cool features that you don’t care about, but we enjoy being able…

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Goodbye, Fire Joe Morgan

An otherwise decent Friday brought some sad news to the online sports community. One of my favorite blogs, Fire Joe Morgan, is no longer.

Fire Joe Morgan was a perfect place for both stats and humor, turning skewering the media (especially Joe Morgan, of course) into the true national pasttime. When they finally came out of the blogging closet, it turned out that they are comedy writers…

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