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Daily Rubbish: Fly, Fitz, Fly

A Larry Fitzgerald action figure predicted his touchdown dive against the Carolina Panthers last week. The action figure of the Cardinals hypothetically winning the Super Bowl is just a man laughing.

And yes, Bill Simmons needs to stop whining. How long before the Sports Gal leaves him because of his gambling debt?

Always looking to screw up a good thing, the NHL is considering

Video: Comedian Livens Up O.J. Simpson Press Conference

You’ll see this video at some point tonight, so you might as well see it here. Believe me, I’m just as sick of the whole O.J. thing as you are, but when a comedian acts like he is part of the Juice’s defense team during a nationally televised press conference, it must be shared, no…

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Gus Johnson brokers peace talks between Bill Simmons & Isiah Thomas

History is filled with feuds and peace negotiations – Israel & Palestine, Catholics & Protestants in Northern Ireland, Gary Sheffield and pretty much everyone… but no feud has been bigger than the one between Bill Simmons & Isaiah Thomas. Unfortunately for those of us who love random drama between 2 people, peace has broken out between the two, according to Simmons’ column today.
Improbably, I ran into one of my…

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