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Beijing 2008 Olympic Venues Constructed With Playing Cards

First, we had the Olympic Village made of Lego. Now, it’s the Olympic Village made of playing cards.

The guy who put this together spent 20 days of his life doing this, and used some 140,000 cards in the process. He even managed to show the beams on the outside of the…

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Chinese Approve Zero Protest Permits, Confiscate Bibles – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

For the most part, the Olympic Games have gone well. The major achievements, such as Michael Phelps’ 8 gold medals and Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson finishing 1-2 in the all-around, have received most of the attention. Still, there are a few other stories out there that remind us that the Chinese people don’t quite have the…

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Olympics Rings Cake Failure Beijing 2008

Imagine you’re hosting a party to celebrate the Olympics. You invite your friends & buy some beer. Then you decide that you’d like to serve a cake, so you call up your local bakery to place the order and tell them to put Olympic rings on it, like the cake above.

You then go pick up the cake, and…

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Video: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Trampoline Jumper Falls On His Head At Basketball Game

So far the 2008 Olympics have brought plenty thrill of victory, but where’s all the agony of defeat?

During halftime of Sunday’s Australia vs. Croatia Olympic basketball game in Beijing, one guy who wasn’t even competing brought a bit of agony to the table.

A team of trampolining dunkers was brought…

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Beijing 2008 Olympic Venues Constructed With Lego

lego olympic village

Some of us pretend to be grown-ups, while others don’t even bother. Thankfully there are people who still act like kids, otherwise we wouldn’t have this incredibly detailed Lego representation of the Olympic venues in Beijing, which can be seen as part of an exhibition in Hong Kong. The entire display of the Olympic complex…

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