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Anna Kournikova Plays Beer Pong Against Jimmy Fallon: Video

Last night, Jimmy Fallon took on Anna Kournikova in a game of beer pong. If you recall, a couple of weeks back, Serena Williams went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and beat him in a beer pong game.

How did Anna Kournikova fare against Jimmy compared to Serena?

Let’s just say…

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Serena Williams Beats Jimmy Fallon At Beer Pong – Video

Apparently tennis skills also translate well in beer pong. Either that or Jimmy Fallon just sucks at beer pong. It could be either really, since he really looks like a lightweight.

On Thursday’s edition of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the two squared off in the popular drinking game.

Yes, Serena used her…

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Daily Rubbish: All Aboard The Fail Skis

The Mount Everest of Fail > Mount Rushmore of Sports.

Derek Fisher does not care if you are live. He could also probably do a better job than you, Mr. Goofy Talking Head.

Speaking of new jobs, Jason Giambi might be seen working as a bouncer at a strip club near you.

Apparently you can get herpes from playing beer pong.…

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