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New Dallas Cowboys Stadium Tour By Martellus Bennett: Video

This is what $1.5 billion will get you these days.

Dallas Cowboys player Martellus Bennett and other teammates got a chance to check out the Cowboys’ new stadium recently, seeing everything from the concession stands to the “ostrich leather” seats and platinum railing. It even has hot water AND cold water! Jerry Jones…

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Daily Rubbish: April 7, 2009

Video of the Day: Kige Ramsey teaches us how to shoot a free throw

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Philadelphia Phillies Fans Start Fighting Before The Season Even Begins [Don Chavez]

Top Ten Signs You Might Not Be A Great NBA General Manager [The Hoop Doctors]

ESPN, Jay Crawford…

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ESPN Moves The New York Mets And Cincinnati Reds To Texas: Video

Everyone knows that the New York Mets have moved to a new ballpark this season. The Reds moved to a new ballpark a few years ago. However, neither of the two teams moved to Texas.

ESPN failed geography, and welcomes the New York Mets to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

Perhaps someone…

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Daily Rubbish: This Is Why Spring Training Is In Warm Places

As much of the nation freezes, Home Run Derby takes us on a tour of ballparks in winter. Is this a good time to mention that it’s been sunny and warm here in San Francisco all week?

The best pro-Cardinals argument I’ve heard all week, courtesy of Bill Simmons:
So you have the Cardinals beating the Seahawks in Week 17, then the Falcons in Round 1, and…

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Daily Rubbish: It’s Tough To Be An Unemployed Ass Photographer In This Economy

The photographer who took the photos of the guy hanging upside-down and pantsless from a Vail chairlift was fired. Apparently, the Vail Resorts don’t like employees provide evidence for inevitable lawsuits in their free time.

If you’re looking for another reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys, here are the NFL’s top stadiums by revenue.

Old man doesn’t include Rickey Henderson on his Hall of…

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