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Worst Ball Boy Ever: Video

Even though the standard for ball boys in England’s Conference National can’t be all that high, this guy won’t be receiving any invitations to be one any time soon after falling headfirst over a barrier chasing a loose ball during a match between Hayes & Yeading & York City. With 3 teams playing in…

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The entertaining team of John & Patrick McEnroe had a great target tonight during the U.S. Open match between Andy Murray and Ernests Gulbis.

An over-exuberant ball boy chased down an errant ball and tried to vault over the sideline advertising, only to slip on it and tumble face first into the ground… Buying prednisone in canada

Nationals Ball Girl Botches Fair Ball, Goes On YouTube: Video

Not only can the Washington Nationals themselves not play baseball properly (winning streak aside – seriously, what the hell?), their ball girls can’t do much better.

This ball girl went to snag what she thought was a foul ball, but it skipped past her as she fell over. To top it all off…

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Ball Boy Helps Israeli Team Score Goal – Video

It’s not often that ballboys get to make an impact on a game, but one quick thinking kid in Israel did just that.

During a soccer match between Hapoel Haifa and Bnei Lod, the keeper from Bnei Lod managed to head the ball out of play. The danger wasn’t over yet though, as the…

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Video: Soccer Ball Boy Does His Job A Little Bit Too Well

Many pro sports have kids along the sidelines helping out, collecting stray equipment and making sure that a ball is ready to be put into play whenever it is needed. Usually these kids are very polite, acting neutral toward both teams. Key word: usually.

Just guess which team this cheeky little rapscallion is cheering…

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