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Mexican Soccer Coach Kicks Panamanian Player In The Balls During Gold Cup: Video

Yesterday’s Gold Cup match between Mexico and Panama featured an array of bad sportsmanship on all sides, but particularly from Mexico.

Unprofessional Foul has the entire recap with several videos that you should definitely head over and check out, but here’s the short version of one of the incidents.


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Video: Neil Rackers Free Kick – Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants

At the end of the first half of yesterday’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants, the Cards took advantage of an odd NFL rule and attempted a free kick following a fair catch.

Neil Rackers lined up for what would have been a record-shattering 68-yard field goal. He spent a couple of minutes…

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Video: Jean-Claude Darcheville Does Not Seem to Grasp the Purpose of Soccer

Earlier this week, Lyon traveled to Glasgow to face Rangers in a match that would determine which team would remain in this year’s Champions League.

With Rangers down 1-0, Jean-Claude Darcheville had a shot on goal. From about 2 yards away. With no goalkeeper in front of him. So what does he do? He…

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