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Daily Rubbish: May 4, 2009

Video of the Day: Community Preview, Starring Joel McHale & Chevy Chase

Today’s Links:

Salamo Arouch, Who Boxed for His Life in Auschwitz, Is Dead at 86 [New York Times]

How David Beats Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell [The New Yorker]

Natalie Gulbis Putts…

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Daily Rubbish: April 2, 2009

Video of the Day: Worst Boxer Ever

Today’s Links:

GQ: Kim Kardashian’s Bloke Is A Vampire [Photoshop Disasters]

The Least Correct ‘Jeopardy!’ Answer I Have Ever Seen [Mouthpiece Sports]

Someone Thinks Grant Hill Has No Talent, Plays for Golden State [Fanhouse]

Pirates lose…

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Two Austrian Soccer Players Join Forces To Tackle The Referee

As a referee, you don’t expect to be on the receiving end of a hard tackle. You definitely don’t expect two players to gang up on you to take you down.

During an Austrian match between Rapid Vienna and Kapfenburg SV, the referee was the victim of this hard tackle from…

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Polish Soccer Fans Go After The Wrong Howard Webb After Euro 2008 Penalty Call

One Howard Webb is a soccer referee who awarded Austria a controversial beer-teasing penalty at Euro 2008 on Thursday. Another Howard Webb is a mild-mannered 62-year-old engineer in Rotherham, England. Guess which one is getting harassed the most by Polish soccer fans?

Yup, that would be the engineer, who works on…

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Italian Soccer Club Signs Sponsorship Deal With Escort Service

An Italian soccer club is taking the idea of fostering relationships across borders to a whole new level.