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Australian Rules Football: Where Even The Referees Will Hurt You

referee-punches-playerMost people know that Australian Rules Football is a violent sport.

But did you also know that the referees will also hurt you?

Following an under-18 age group preseason game between the University of Queensland Bulldogs and Kenmore Bears in Brisbane, Australia, a fan/parent named Phil Tagell got into an argument with the referee. The referee won the…

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Video: Aussie Rules Football Teammates Fight Each Other

It takes some courage to play Australian Rules Football, and that’s before you even take the field in a real match.

During a recent practice for their team, Carlton Blues, Setanta O’hAilpin and Cameron Cloke got into a fight. Technically, it’s a fight, but it really ends up being more of a beating, as O’hAilpin clearly…

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