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Rally Car Hits Horses: Video

Here’s why horse racing and auto racing events are not held at the same time.

A rally event in Argentina saw driver Federico Villagra plow right into a few horses that picked a terrible time to run across the track. One horse was flung into the air and had to be put down…

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Brawl Between Boca Juniors and River Plate’s U-14 Teams: Video

Boca Juniors and River Plate are heated rivals in Argentina, so it’s only natural that one of their matches might feature a brawl. What makes this particular fight noteworthy is that it occurred between their U-14 teams.

Late in the match, River Plate was awarded a penalty as Boca had a player sent…

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Referee Sends Off Entire Team In Argentina After Riot: Barracas Bolivar vs. General Lamadrid: Video

In Argentina, it’s not just the soccer fans who riot. Players like to get in on the action as well, as seen in the video above.

During an Argentinian Primera C league match between Barracas Bolivar and General Lamadrid, the match had to be stopped after an hour because a riot broke out…

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Sergio Escudero Dives After Being Touched By A Flag: Video

It’s one thing for soccer players to take a dive in the middle of play if an opponent touches them. But what’s the purpose of falling to the ground if you get touched by one of the officials?

That’s a question to ask Corinthians midfielder Sergio Escudero, who flopped as if he had been…

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Video: Boca Juniors Juan Forlin Vicious Head Collision & Injury

You often see soccer players knock heads together, but I’ve never seen a collision that’s as violent as this one.

During a match in Argentina between Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo over the weekend, Boca Juniors defender Juan Forlin had a bad crash with Andres Silvera.

After falling to the ground, Forlin then turned blue…

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