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Manu Ginobili kills a bat on Halloween: Video

On Halloween night, the Spurs/Kings game was delayed by a bat. The bat either lived in the arena, or it was part of the Spurs’ annual bat day giveaway.

Manu Ginobili wasn’t not amused by the bat’s antics and just wanted to get on with the game. With a mighty wallop, Manu smacked…

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Dundee FC’s Stadium Invaded By Foxes

fox-mascot-soccerDundee Football Club’s pre-season schedule is about to kick off, but they’re having a slight problem at their Dens Park home. The field is being destroyed by a family of foxes who have taken over the facility.

The foxes have been digging holes near the goals & urinating on the grass, killing it. The club has been forced to…

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Loose Chicken On The Field Before Rugby Match Between France and New Zealand: Video

It’s a slow time of year in sports, so let’s just declare today Chickens Running Around On The Field Day and be done with it.

Following the previous post of a loose chicken during a soccer match, here’s a video of a rooster at a rugby match between France and New…

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Retro Rubbish: Soccer Players Chase Loose Chicken On The Field

In this old clip from the 1986 European Cup Winners’ Cup match between Dynamo Kiev and Atletico Madrid, the game was stopped as the players chased a feathered pitch-invader. Despite several tackle attempts (both in the soccer sense of tackling and the football sense), the chicken runs free all the way to the sideline…

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