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Alexander Ovechkin Sings The Eastern Motors Jingle: Video

Local commercials are great, and there are no greater ads than those from Eastern Motors.

Eastern Motors is a Washington, D.C. institution & so is Alexander Ovechkin. So it’s only natural that the two would finally join forces to bring us this video. The advertisement is everything we could hope for…

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Daily Rubbish: Free Marbury? Actually, Really Expensive Marbury

At work today? Check out how much Stephon Marbury made this year to do absolutely nothing & then get incredibly depressed.

They don’t spell so good in Mississippi. Nor do they spell so good in Mississppi.

The sheriff from the Michael Phelps pot case is still in the limelight. Looks like someone wants to be the next Joe Arpaio..

Even though…

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Video: Alexander Ovechkin Goal Vs. Montreal Canadiens

Once again, the Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin showed just how awesome he is last night.

Watch as he steals the puck, then goes flying down the ice for a partial breakaway. Ovechkin gets hauled down, but still manages to find the net while sliding on his ass. Absolutely brilliant, indeed.

The shot was reminiscent of…

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Daily Rubbish: Joe Torre Tells All

Joe Torre has written a tell-all book about his time with the New York Yankees that includes several shots at Alex Rodriguez, among others.

The NHL All-Star Game ended in a tie, but then was won by Alexander Ovechkin. Bud Selig, if there’s ever another All-Star Game tie, here is your solution: Get Alex Ovechkin involved.

Just in case you were wondering, 61% of

Video: Alexander Ovechkin & Evgeni Malkin In The Breakaway Challenge Of The NHL All-Star Game Skills Competition

The Breakaway Challenge of the NHL All-Star Skills Competition just concluded, and as usual, the Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin showed why he’s the most entertaining player in the league.

In the closing seconds of his breakaway attempt, he enlisted the help of friend/former friend/friend again Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Malkin gives Ovechkin a hat…

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