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Daily Rubbish: Dance Off Videos Galore

Peed all over an opposing team’s locker room? Urine trouble!

Nate Robinson isn’t the only little person who has had success as a pro athlete. 

The Washington Nationals found out that their top prospect wasn’t who he said he was and was older than he said he was. They should have known when he arrived for Spring Training and immediately left for shuffleboard and…

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Daily Rubbish: More A-Rod Questions

Enough with the boring questions, let’s ask A-Rod what we really want to hear some answers to.

Jason Richardson got caught doing 90 in a 35 zone with his kid in the backseat without a child seat. Well, if you’re not going to have your child in a safety seat, you want to get him home as quickly as possible.

Ballroom dancing: Putting the

Video: Alex Rodriguez Interview On Late Night With Conan O’Brien

Tuesday on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Conan interviewed A-Rod about his steroid scandal. Madonna also makes a guest appearance.

One of the revelations in the hard-hitting interview: Alex Rodriguez shot Tupac.

Whoever that was, they definitely got the mouth right…

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Daily Rubbish: Fox, Stop With The Mascots Already

Fox is giving their NASCAR mascot Digger his own show. This falls between “all the left turns” and “can’t understand the accents” on the list of reasons why I don’t like NASCAR.

All of these guys were very lucky to have signed huge contracts before the economy tanked. Their teams and the fans of their teams? Well, at least they’ll have targets for heckling this year.…

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Daily Rubbish: Tired of A-Rod Yet?

If you need help sleeping want to watch the entire A-Rod interview with Peter Gammons, go here.

One thing is sadly clear from the A-Rod saga, we really need to stop caring so much about numbers and the past.

No wait, as a Diamondbacks fan, I like these numbers.

Maybe Lebron James did get that triple double.

Will Michael Phelps