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Egyptian soccer fans attack bus carrying Algerian team: Video

Algeria has traveled to Egypt for a match on Saturday with a spot in the 2010 World Cup on the line. Tensions were expected to run high during the game, but what happened to the Algerian team on the way to their hotel shows that this will be no normal match.

Egyptian fans…

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Iranian Soccer Players Wear Green Wristbands To Support Mousavi


Iran took on South Korea in a World Cup 2010 Qualifier today, and several players were spotted wearing green wristbands during the match. Green is the color used by supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the opposition candidate most people believe was robbed in the recent election in Iran.

Since the match was watched by millions of people in…

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Peruvian Soccer Team Accidentally Leaves Player In Colombia

home-alonePeruvian soccer player Hernan Rengifo is livid with the management of Peru’s national team. He’s got a pretty good reason.

Following Peru’s 1-0 loss in Colombia, the team left Rengifo behind, only realizing that he was still in Medellin when they had arrived back in Lima.

Of all of the places in the world that you’d not want…

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Man Runs On Pitch During Kazakhstan vs. England World Cup Qualifier, Gets Hauled Off By Army: Video

In most places, if you run across the field, your reward might be a quick but gentle escorting from the field by security, plus a light charge and a small fine. In Kazakhstan, they do things a bit differently.

Kazakhstan faced England in a World Cup qualifier this weekend, and as the score…

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Soccer Fan Humps German Mascot: Video

Germany humped Liechtenstein 4-0 on Saturday in a World Cup Qualifying Match, and this guy decided the best way to celebrate that occasion was to hump the German mascot, Paule The Eagle.

That’s gotta be scarring for the kids in the stands, seeing their beloved mascot get violated like that.

Mommy, what’s…

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