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Pavel Nedved Great Goal Volley, Gets Ass Rubbed By Teammate: Video

Italian soccer goal celebrations: Now with 80% more ass rubbing!

Pavel Nedved of Juventus made a spectacular volley over the weekend against Roma. Nedved’s goal was so amazing that teammate Vincenzo Iaquinta could not help but show his appreciation.

A pat on the butt is a normal celebration, but that’s a full-on…

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Mario Balotelli Hits The Post Groin First: Video

The words “severe groin trauma” are something you never want to hear.

Inter Milan’s Mario Balotelli heard that diagnosis last Wednesday after this unfortunate incident in the Coppa Italia against Sampadoria.

Balotelli appeared to randomly collapse in the middle of the field. As players and trainers rushed to help, everyone else was wondering…

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Video: Referee Gets Hit In the Face With The Ball – Italy Serie A Lazio vs. Torino

Referees have it tough. They have to make sure all of the players in a game aren’t doing anything they aren’t supposed to, while also keeping an eye on the rest of the action.

Sometimes though, the action gets just a bit too close. Last weekend in Italy’s Serie A match between Lazio and Torino, referee…

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Italian Soccer Club Signs Sponsorship Deal With Escort Service

An Italian soccer club is taking the idea of fostering relationships across borders to a whole new level.

Italian Soccer Coach Takes Ass Kicking to a Whole New Level


When someone says they are going to kick another team’s ass, it’s not usually taken as a literal statement.

Someone might want to tell that to Catania coach Silvio Baldini.

During Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Parma, Baldini got into an argument with his managerial counterpart, Domenico Di Carlo. As Di Carlo walked away…

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