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Billy Corgan stars in furniture commercial to promote his pro wrestling company or something (video)

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins lost his mind years ago, but further proof comes in the form of this commercial for a furniture store. Or is it for his pro wrestling company? In either case, our primary reaction is smiling politely.

On the list of bad decisions by Billy Corgan, this ad ranks somewhere between “dating Courtney Love” and “Zwan”.

As a palate cleanser, here’s…

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Chinese Wrestler Bites Opponent During Match


Is there any kind of cheating that isn’t tolerated in China? You can lie about your age, you can cut in line, you can pirate what you want, and now, you can apparently bite whoever you want.

During a Chinese national wrestling tournament, one wrestler named Alibieke bit his opponent, Yeerlanbieke Katai, while the two grappled…

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More Sumo Wrestlers Getting Caught With Weed. Michael Phelps Approves.

Sumo wrestling fans in Japan are becoming increasingly worried about the sanctity of the sport as more and more wrestlers have been getting caught with marijuana. So that fat stoner friend of yours might not be a waste, he could be in training.

While Michael Phelps can get caught smoking weed…

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Former Jeri Ryan Stalker Arrested For Stalking Fellow Wrestlers

Among bad ideas, stalking and challenging wrestlers to a fight would be near the top of the list. But that’s just what former wannabe pro wrestler Marlon Pagtakhan did when he showed up and screamed