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Malaysian sports officials angered by pregnant athlete’s pull-out

GAMES/Yuan Yufang, competitor in the 20 kilometer walk, pulled out of December’s Southeast Asian Games after her husband did not.

Her pregnancy has angered Malaysian sports authorities, who feel that their country’s medal chances have been blown.

Karim Ibrahim, deputy president of the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union said, “She should have informed us earlier so that we could…

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Usain Bolt Sets New World Record In 200m – 19.19 : Video

There is no way that Usain Bolt is human. Or if he is, he must have been sent backward in time from some future point where humans have evolved to outrun cheetahs.

Bolt just set yet another world record, this time in the 200 meter final at the World Championships in Berlin, running…

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A Follow-Up On Kyle Perry, AKA Mop Guy

kyle-perryA couple of years ago, I wrote a brief post about a BYU track star who had been arrested after being involved in a mop fight in the middle of a Provo intersection.

As is usual with these stories, they get posted and we all move on, unless more news comes out and the sporting world revisits…

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British Long Jumper Jonathan Moore Jumps Naked From Roof Of House

In an attempt to qualify for the new event of nude long jumping, British long jumper Jonathan Moore jumped from the roof of a house in South Africa, just 24 hours after finishing 4th in the Yellow Pages Athletics Series meeting in Potchefstroom.

According to Lappies Labuschagne, the owner of the house, Moore was…

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BYU track star is arrested following mop fight

BYU doesn’t exactly have the tough reputation that other schools have. If you are confronted by a Florida State or Miami athlete, you’d better be prepared for a gun battle. BYU, not so much.

Kyle Perry, a track star at Brigham Young, does things a little bit differently. When he got into an altercation with a man who was pushing a bucket with mops in it across the street…

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