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Philadelphia MMA Fans Decide UFC 101 Action Is Insufficient, Add Some Of Their Own: Video

UFC 101 took place over the weekend in Philadelphia, and the Philly crowd lived up to their reputation, starting this massive brawl in the stands while the sanctioned fighting took place.

The best move of the fight? The punch by the woman that occurs about 25 seconds into the video. There was some…

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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Humps Interviewer: Video

I don’t follow MMA, so I have no idea if this interviewer is someone noteworthy, nor do I know what this interview of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is for. All I know is that it features a lot of humping.

Part way through the interview, the girl who was questioning Rampage suggested they star…

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Jose Canseco Makes MMA Debut vs. Hong Man Choi, Fight Lasts 1:16: Video

Jose Canseco should stick to writing. Or taking steroids. Or appearing on The Surreal Life. The man should be doing anything but participating in mixed martial arts fights.

Canseco made his MMA debut last night against 7-foot-2, 330 lb. Korean Hong Man Choi, who quickly took down the former slugger in just 1:16…

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Stephen Colbert Proposes A New March Madness Tournament: Video

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On Wednesday night’s edition of The Colbert Report, The Word featured…

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