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Female Jockey Attacks Soldier With Pint Glass

In a case currently going through the Scottish legal system, jockey Jenny Riding admitted to attacking soldier Stewart McEwan with a glass after he swore at her and called her a smackhead.

Clearly it was just a misunderstanding – she just thought he said “smack me in the head repeatedly with a pint glass” and…

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Horse Goes On Rampage at British Horse Show

Over the past few days, PETA has quite vocally condemned the death of Eight Belles at the Kentucky Derby.

Many have cried, “Who will stick up for these poor innocent horses?”

There is a much darker side to this tale. These supposedly defenseless animals do not need your sympathy. They are quite capable…

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If you are sick of Barbaro, just keep scrolling

So Barbaro has finally been euthanized.

I’ve been one of the few people out there who wasn’t sick of the story. Yes, the story did go on for too long. Were it not for the possibility of a huge financial payoff, Barbaro probably wouldn’t have made it away from Pimlico. The possibility of a huge financial payoff undoubtedly kept Barbaro from…

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