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Jockey Falls Off Horse, Horse Finishes First: Video

Those of you who believe that jockeys don’t really do anything during a horse race have more ammunition for your argument.

During the 5th race at Belmont Park on Saturday, Phone Jazz threw her rider, Jean-Luc Samyn, at the start. Phone Jazz kept running, and managed to outrun the rest of the field…

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Comedian Frank Mirahmadi Calls Entire Horse Race Using Impressions: Video

Comedian & impressionist Frank Mirahmadi doubles as the announcer at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona. During the recent Hasta La Vista Handicap, Mirahmadi called the entire race using impressions, almost 2 dozen different people in all.

Some of the impressions are definitely spot on, others less so, and others might be spot on…

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Jockey Suspended After Giving Female Colleague Condom Filled With Urine

condomIf, during any scheme, someone tells you to tuck a urine-filled condom under your arm, you might want to rethink whether or not this is a plan you want to participate in before you continue.

Australian jockey Dale Evans has been suspended for 18 months after conspiring with female jockey Donna Carrigg to help her pass a drug test…

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BBC Sportscaster Gets In Trouble For Making Fun Of Jockey’s Teeth: Video

The BBC has been forced to apologize after one of its presenters, Clare Balding, made fun of jockey Liam Treadwell’s teeth.

Treadwell had just won the biggest race of his life, the famed Grand National, on the back of a horse that had 100-1 odds.

Balding said to Treadwell, “Give us a…

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Thoroughbred Race Horses From Northern Ireland Are Being Eaten

horse-meatRetired athletes have it tough. Once they are out of the spotlight, most are forgotten. Those from previous eras didn’t make much money, or weren’t able to save enough to cover their medical bills.

However, all of those athletes should be very thankful that they aren’t race horses from Northern Ireland.

An investigation by BBC Northern Ireland’s Season…

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