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Olympic gymnast Paul Hamm charged with drunkenly assaulting cab driver (video)

Remember Paul Hamm? That gymnast you were subjected to watching while you hoped NBC would show some other sport during the 2004 Olympics? Hamm is currently serving as a gymnastics coach at Ohio State, and he’s been charged with trying to start a new sport: Assaulting a taxi driver and refusing to pay for his ride.

According to Columbus police:
After an argument, Hamm damaged a window…

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Gymnastics Bloopers

Our next blooper video comes from a sport where the competitors fall quite frequently: gymnastics. Gymnasts put themselves through a lot. I don’t know how they do it, since I fall over just standing up. Those who can’t do a particular sport laugh at others who fall down sometimes when they do…

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Is Shawn Johnson Dead? No, Just In The Onion

By this point, 99% of the American population is aware of The Onion, the satirical newspaper/audio-visual conglomerate. Every now and then though, there’s that other 1% that thinks it’s a legitimate news source.

A recent video piece by The Onion said that gymnast Shawn Johnson had fallen from the uneven bars while training…

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Gymnast Shayla Worley Falls Flat On Her Face From Uneven Bars at Olympic Trials

During the recent U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials, Shayla Worley ate the mat after falling face first during her routine on the uneven bars.

Her reaction? "How did I land on the floor and why am I on the ground?"

My guess would be gravity, but I’m not a scientist.…

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Fidel Castro is a Sports Addict Just Like You

The Pan-American games are going on right now. I wouldn’t have known either had I not read that story the other day about the Brazilian fencer getting stabbed by his brother.

Cuban leader Fidel Castro sure does know about the games though. He has been watching so much of…

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