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Move over Tour de France, it’s the Tour de Pigeon

If you’re looking for a sport to watch this month, but feel that the Tour de France is just too mainstream, France’s pigeon racers hope you will give their sport a look.

The French pigeon fanciers’ association, which I believe is what anti-gay marriage protesters have been warning us about, is in the middle of running a pigeon-version of the…

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French cycling race interrupted by cow crash (Video)

The epidemic of crashes in races in France today continued during cycling’s Critérium du Dauphiné, a warm-up to the Tour de France.

Competitors had a major beef as a herd of cows brie-fly joined the race, failing to mooove out of the way as the bikes tried to get past. Several riders were chucked to the ground in the attempt to out-flank them.


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Theo Bos Crashes Daryl Impey During Tour Of Turkey: Video

During the Tour of Turkey, leader Daryl Impey was in the middle of the pack as it approached the finish line.

Impey was riding close to the edge of the road near another rider, Theo Bos. Bos thought that Daryl Impey was getting too close, so he pulled him down by his jersey…

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Lance Armstrong Crashes In Spain, Breaks Collarbone: Video

Lance Armstrong’s Tour De France comeback may be in jeopardy after he was involved in a major bike crash during today’s Vuelta Castilla y Leon race in Spain.

Following his crash, Armstrong could be seen grimacing in pain on the side of the road. He was then loaded into an ambulance and taken…

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Crack Addict Cyclist Chad on Intervention

Good evening Sir, my name is Chad. I come from a rough area. I used to be a pretty good cyclist, but then I poked Lance Armstrong. That is why I am addicted to crack.

That seems to be what Chad is saying on A&E’s Intervention.

Way back when, Chad was on…

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