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Video: Potato Latke Eating Competition Won By Furious Pete Czerwinski

Hanukkah 2008 has kicked off, and what better way to celebrate the Festival of Lights than by having a latke eating contest?

Sunday was the 4th Annual National Potato Latke Eating Competition, held in at Zan’s Deli on Long Island, New…

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Crazy Legs Conti Eats The Michael Phelps Olympic Breakfast In 5 Minutes

During the Olympics, much ado was made about Michael Phelps’ typical breakfast of fried egg sandwiches, grits, french toast, an omelette and pancakes. The consensus, of course, is that it is far more food than any normal human being should consume in one sitting.

Competitive eater Crazy Legs…

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Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest Chestnut vs. Kobayashi Preview & Live Thread

Following the colossal success of last year’s Nathan’s hot dog eating contest live thread, we’re back to do it again. Face it, there’s nothing better you could be doing right now. Watching grown men and women try eat as much highly-processed meat as possible is much more entertaining than your family…

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Video: Joey Chestnut breaks Kobayashi’s World Hot Dog Eating Record

Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a new World Hot Dog Eating Record! The record is back in American hands!

Joey Chestnut shattered Takeru Kobayashi’s record. Kobayashi had eaten 53.25 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Chestnut ate 59 at a qualifying event at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe, Arizona.

Chestnut will once again face…

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